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What is Girls' Generation for you?

What is GIRLS GENERATION for you ?

Sooyoung: Girls’ Generation means my companion. Like a mirror, I look into them and they reflect me. People say a love would get to look alike to the beloved, so I have come to take after them and ultimately become one. That is very precious to me. They hold parts of my life as eight companions of mine. Nine young and vulnerable girls, only have one another to stand by us. So, I have great reliance in you guys. Now and forever, please stay by me just as much now, and move forward together holding my hands. Let’s live expressing a lot like “I love you” and “I’m sorry”. You girls are my husband in the 20s, I love you all.

Sunny: I consider them as my sisters. Although we often have an argument like a family, we soon make up by saying, “Hey, come and eat” at the dinner table. Just like that, Girls’ Generation is really like a sister to me. Hey guys, we have been together for more than 2 years already. We’ve got many years ahead, so let’s love and be stronger. I love you.

Yuri: Girls’ Generation means something like a heart to me. For it exists, I can run and feel my heart is aflutter. It allows me to feel I am alive. Our member are more than just teammates who work together. They are like sisters, friends and families. I always appreciate that. My dear members, I love you so much.

Yoona: To me, Girls’ Generation is my second family besides of my real family. All nine different people gathered and become like a family, to me it is a very meaningful tie. Since I play tricks on the other members very often, they make fun of me saying I am like a little brother or an elementary school boy. But I love to get along comfortably like this. I hope Girls’ Generation will be, as we say “Now it’s Girls’ Generation!”, the Girls’ Generation now and forever. Even when we get much older, we will come together as Girls’ Generation. For that, let’s stand together closely.

Taeyeon: To me Girls’ Generation means the beginning. Or a starting point. Because of them, I could do what I have wanted to do. The meeting of these nine members must be fate. How these nine people could meet at that time and period… only fate could lead us to meet like that, I believe. So I am always grateful for that. Although we meet everyday, we seem to chatter endlessly. That is kept in my memory. I wish time would stand still as the way it is. The way the members are pretty and healthy as now, and the sky is pretty as shown now, I wish time would stand still at this moment.

Jessica: Girls’ Generation is to me a soul mate. Since before Girls’ Generation was formed, I have known many of these friends. How long, it doesn’t matter. The members are all like sisters. Without them. I feel lonely. I want to let them keep being with me, no matter what we do. Dear my members, it has been more than 2 years since our debut. If I say we didn’t have bad times it would be a total lie. I know it must have been tough. But I am very proud of us to have united through the hardship. And to live up to many people’s expectations. Let them know we stand together closely. Girls’ Generation let’s go! I love you.

Hyoyeon: To me Girls’ Generation is like a family. I can rely on the members and tell them honestly what is in my mind. Since they are always by my side and tell me good things and things that can help me, I want to say that they are like a family to me. To the members, just like we have always done, with one mind, for the same goal, let’s keep trying hard. Let’s go! Right now it’s Girls’ Generation!

Seohyun: To me, Girl’s Generation is a sister made by fate. The time we have been together is almost more than 7 years. They have been with me long and are like real sisters. Whether there are good or bad things, they tell me for my own good. They speak from the heart. Although we are not real sisters, I think we are sisters bonded by fate. Sisters, since we became Girls’ Generation, we have had many good things and hard things, going through much time together. I want to say I thank you very much. Although I am lacking in many things, while having been with you guys, I have become more cheerful and thanks to you, I have changed for the better. Thank you so much for that. Thank you for treating me like a real sister. I will try to do better for you, and be your good sister. I love you.

Tiffany: Girls’ Generation is surely I do not seem to laugh a lot without the members. Although I laugh, it is different from when I am with them. The members with the happy virus are energizers for my life. Little more than 2 years have passed. Our mindset to take care of one another I don’t want it to be bigger because I think it is big enough even now. I want it to stay as now.

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